Kurier Features

Parcels records

In addition to a clear and user-friendly application interface, each module supports barcode readers and keyboard shortcuts functions. The ability to import parcels from popular formats. txt, csv, xls, etc. definitely accelerates shipments data input and built-in filter mechanisms while browsing data records improves access to information. The support of barcode printers allows you to automate the labeling of shipments.

Parcels dispatch

The module enables fully automated order management. Thanks to defined regions, assigning parcels to a courier takes place immediately. The current insight into the quantity and condition of shipments for individual couriers allows you to optimize the efficiency of deliveries. In practice, this means the possibility of generating statements for a particular courier regarding the quantitative assignment of pending orders in relation to other couriers in the analyzed region.

Shipment tracking systems

A complex module, thanks to which the route (time, number of km, etc.) is tracked step by step. All detailed data is recorded in the history of every shipment including info about the courier delivering the shipm

Support for mass senders

Thanks to the Kurier Lite client application, you enable your clients to have a detailed view of ordered parcels. They will be able to track and order new shipments on an ongoing basis, which will automatically go to your central KURIER system. Advanced permissions will allow you to adjust the information provided, you will decide what and how your client can see. Courier Lite as a client version also supports the import of orders from external systems, all in order to simplify and streamline orders that you are handling.

External devices and www integration
Mobile terminal

Using the latest mobile technologies, the terminal equipped with a barcode scanner with wireless access to the network provides current information on the status of a given shipment. Collected information is automatically recorded in the system, where depending on preferences, the information can be published on the website and accessible for the recipient.

Website integration

The Kurier system allows you to publish data on your website, where each of the clients with access can check the current status of the shipment, enter job queues or simply import them. Simplify the procedure of accepting new orders – you and your clients.

Clients’ accounts

In order to simplify your account management, a module was created where you can see all orders easily, taking into account the rates for a given client. Additionally, you can automatically generate invoices that will be integrated with the electronic document handling module (EDI) and will be sent to the client automatically.

Employee reporting

Based on the data collected from the tracking shipment module and Mobile terminal we provide a detailed employee account including work time, traveled distance and number of delivered parcels. The possibility of assigning specific rates to employees regarding overtime man-hours etc. will allow to generate statements and reports quickly and easily.

Accounts and Reporting