1ims Features

The flexibility of the sales process

The 1ims system will fully take care of the sales process. Starting from the record of the order from the customer, through the reservation to the delivery of the goods, ending with issuing all the sales documents. In the case of production companies, we can add a calculation, an offer and an automatic production request. The software allows of course many configurations such as pro forma invoices, loading specifications depending on the place of delivery etc.

Sales process
Credit Limits

We guarantee full control over contractors in terms of their possible financial arrears. In a simple way, you can set up locks in generating documents with a deferred payment date. The system provides several solutions to the problem of “untimely customers” as credit thresholds or maximum payment due dates.

Trade policy and commercial networks

An extensive and variable price management module will allow you to set up any pricing policy and assign a specific price list to a group of clients or individually according to any criteria. 1ims is also well adapted to manage processes in big retail chains.

Sales people and commission

Automate your trade commission settings. Assign a sales person to a client, specify a percentage of the turnover or profit on a given client and generate a commission report at any time.


Are you exporting goods? Do you sell within the EU? Sales documents may also be issued in foreign currencies. For each document, in addition to the currency, a rate is also recorded. We will adjust all printouts of documents to the standards set by you..

Loyalty programs

We realize that a well-designed loyalty program can significantly increase customer loyalty to your company or brand. Therefore, 1ims can manage loyalty cards, vouchers, etc. and can provide detailed reporting.

www Integration

Manage your website or e-shop directly from the 1ims system, which enables central management of products and customer database. Thanks to this option, you can manage orders placed by customers on your website. Full integration with your website will also allow your B2B clients to view their current orders status, their discounts etc.

Contact management

A simple but very functional CRM module will help you and your employees to systematize contacts with your clients. The module allows a thread of records of contacts with the client. It easily allows you to create a reminder about an appointment, which will automatically show at a specific time and date while working in the system.

Employee monitoring

On the basis of entered data, you are able to control working time, effectiveness and thoroughness in completing tasks assigned to your employees. Tools in the form of reports and lists of open contacts will show you how your sales department is making progress in the first weeks.

Domestic and foreign purchase management

Improve your purchase management thanks to 1ims. Your logistics team is able to manage supplies perfectly thanks to 1ims data, e.g. minimum stock, previous orders etc. Purchase can be automated using xml feeds for example or EDI system of electronic document exchange.

Purchase management


Generate Instrastat declarations containing all necessary data (CN tariff code, country of origin, net weight, declared value and quantity) can be printed or exported to files compliant with the standard binding when submitting declarations in electronic form.

E-invoices, Archiving

The benefits of using e-invoices are undoubtedly large, both organizational or ecological. We made it possible to store and archive e-invoices. With each purchase invoice document, there is an option to save it in electronic format. The whole process can be improved by starting the EDI module enabling electronic exchange of documents and direct reading in the 1ims system. Thanks to the automatic archiving system, the data goes directly to the database server, where it is stored and archived.

Valuation methods, general information

We provide convenient solutions for dispatch goods from the warehouse. The 1ims system supports FIFO or LIFO methods, which we can additionally extend with serial number, batch of goods or, possibly, the characteristics of a given good. For production companies, we have prepared a valuation model based on the registration price. We service customs warehouses with the circulation of all necessary documents.

Availability of information

Intuitiveness is one of the main advantages of 1ims. The program allows easy access to information on current quantities and values ​​at individual warehouses or branches. This makes it much easier to work on internal orders and inter-warehouse shifts, which you will also find in the system. In addition, you will easily get information about the place of storage, the minimum stock or the history of inventory.


To improve the tedious stocktaking we tried to automate all related processes. Full integration of 1ims with the data collector will definitely accelerate inventory settlement process itself. We have also made the inventory settlement functionality available for a specific day.



1ims’s modules are all fully integrated so it is a real complex solution and it provides many analytical features and production history records. Let’s start with the customer’s inquiry. On the basis of the inquiry, the sales department will generate a simple calculation of the production order, taking into account all the factors and operations occurring during production – from the basic, ie the value of raw material, through transport costs to the hypotensive cost of machines. Data for calculation can also be downloaded from external systems. Based on the created calculation, the 1ims system will generate an offer for the customer in a simple way. After accepting the offer, a production order will automatically be created and later scheduled. Additionally, to improve the operation and synchronization of logistics departments with production, there is the function of creating an order to purchase raw materials from production orders.

Multistage production process

In 1ims system we also predicted a multistage production process. At each of the individual stages, an intermediate will be optionally created, which will participate in further production process. The number of phases / production stages is unlimited and depends on the needs of the production technology used. In the production of finished products or semi-finished products, in addition to the definition of raw materials, it is possible to define operations, eg cutting, bending etc., which can be assigned to a specific machine and / or a set of production workers. The number of operations is arbitrary, 1ims allows you to define the right order of execution, which will comply with the production line and provide a detailed analysis of individual stages of production. Depending on your needs during production, the system will allow you to add an additional component / operation or substitute raw material. We also predicted possibilities of cooperation at specific stages of production. All this to make your new system flexible and adapted to the daily challenges arising in the production department. In addition, the system supports automatic generation of RW, PW documents.

Production and work time management

Optimize processes, improve production. 1ims gives your company tools to plan work and time of your employees and machines. From specific time standards for individual finished products or semi-finished products in technological cards, we are able to present you the hypothetical time in which the given production order should be carried out. What’s more, we compare your specific time standards with the actual working time. Thanks to the implemented module for using barcode readers, 1ims can record each individual operation performed by an employee or machine. In addition, in our complex report and analysis module we will show you any deviations from the standards. You will always know if your production performs well.

Information, control, scheduling

Improve the flow of information between the production and sales departments. One of additional benefits resulting from detailed tracking of the production cycle using barcode readers is quick and direct access to information about the current stage of the order. Users with permissions can easily supervise the course of the production process, which will allow to provide reliable information about the status of the order to the customer. We have prepared a graphic tool for production plan managers – the Gantt chart. It shows all the planned production orders along with the current loading of the machines or production groups. Scheduling is made by specifying dates or simply by moving each of the orders on the Gantt chart. The system controls already planned working time of individual machines or production groups, which will eliminate the conflict between existing and newly planned orders. We know that flexibility in production is necessary, therefore each production step can be postponed or prioritized at any time. The system allows work scheduling with the possibility of dividing the production day into three shifts, including holidays.

Control of receivables, liabilities

Improve the financial liquidity of your company. The 1ims system ensures supervision of the receivables of your contractors. We have planned a few options for sales blocking, one of them is to establish credit thresholds the other allows you to define the maximum payment date in days. In addition, thanks to the possibility of providing quick comments by the system, which will always be displayed when invoicing, you will improve the contact between the financial department and the accountants and you will be warned about any customer’s late payments. Transparency and availability of information in the first place, therefore in any system module in a few seconds you will check the balance of the contractor – starting from orders, through reservations up to the sales module. You will quickly generate receivable reports related to sales people, branch managers or regional directors – all thanks to our reporting tool.

Receivables management

Effectively remind your clients about receivables. From the system straight from the customer file you will generate: payment invoices, interest information, balance confirmations and other defined documents or statements. The system also has a printout option, where each of the debtors will appear on a separate page. Thanks to this, you will get a ready to send properly designed document you just put into an envelope and send.

Cash register

1ims allows you to operate cash desks and create cash reports. This can be done for individual cash registers or collectively for the whole branch. An additional statement will allow you to monitor each cashier.


A great and useful tool for managers or business owners, enabling quick and effective financial decisions. Manage your payments, transfers and keep your finger on the pulse. The estimates show the planned dates of repayment of receivables by your clients and repayment of your liabilities.

Analytical tools
Analytical tools

By default, there are approximately 30 analyzes in the reporting module. Starting from multi-cross analysis of sales and profitability, ending with the report of the employee’s working time. The flexibility of the report and analysis module allows you to generate dedicated statements according to your needs. We are convinced that our solutions will provide the right information to the right people thanks to which you will improve the prosperity of your company.

External devices

The 1ims system can be connected to many external devices as barcode readers, data collectors, fiscal printers, label printers or touch monitors.

External systems and devices
Export to accounting systems

The 1ims system enables the export of collected data to the most popular accounting systems.